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App Conductor HD turns your iPad into a productive application control center for your Mac or PC. Now you can use your iPad to manage applications on your computer. App Conductor brings you a whole new, visual, way to launch, navigate and control your applications and open windows – even across multiple Spaces on the Mac.

App Conductor was carefully designed to to put the things you do most on your computer right at your finger tips. App Conductor supports three main operations designed to make using your computer more productive:

  1. Launch - Start remote applications

  2. Switch - Select between running applications and windows

  3. Control - Close windows, quit apps, etc

How It Works

App Conductor runs on your iPad or iPhone and communicates over Wi-Fi with a free server program called Conductor Server running on your Mac or PC. You may install the Conductor Server on as many computers as you like.

App Conductor was built from the ground up to be secure, all network traffic is encrypted with industry leading technology.

App Conductor's powerful, yet easy to use interface works in any orientation.



App Conductor allows you to launch applications installed computer from your iPad. Applications that are pinned to your Mac’s Dock or PC’s Taskbar are shown in a scrollable Launch Bar at the bottom of the screen. A simple tap on an application icon will launch the app on your computer.


App Conductor turns your iPad into a powerful application and window switcher. Applications and windows running on your computer are displayed on the iPad’s screen organized in a unique scrollable grid.

Running applications are laid out horizontally with the most recently used on the left. Thumbnails of each application's open windows are arranged vertically with the most recently used in the center of the screen.

You can scroll through these windows and switch to any one by simply tapping on the thumbnail.  Tapping on an application icon will raise all of its windows.

Remote Conductor is the only iOS app to support individual window switching on a Mac! It even works with Mac Spaces!


You can control running remote applications or open windows using control menus. Tap and hold an application icon for: quit app, hide all (Mac). Tap and hold a window thumbnail for: close window, minimize and zoom (maximize / restore).

Demo Video

Click on the video below to see a demonstration of App Conductor (1:48).

Download Free Conductor Server