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  1. Trackpad with multi-touch gesture support

  2. Application Launcher (works just like launching apps on the iPad or iPhone)

  3. Application / Window switcher, view thumbnails of all open windows and switch or manage them

  4. Fully Encrypted Extended Keyboard - up to 72 extra keys.

  5. Media Remote

  6. Mouse Pads - configurable background images - 8 included or use your own.

Main Features


Trackpad Features

  1. Wireless control of your Mac or PC over Wi-Fi

  2. Bluetooth support for Mac with iOS 4.3 - (Snow Leopard only)

  3. Full Landscape and Portrait support

  4. Multiple monitor support

  5. Convenient navigation icons or gestures to switch modes

  6. 256bit AES encryption on all network traffic between your iOS device and computer

  7. Automatic computer discovery using Bonjour

  8. Optionally connect by hostname or IP Address

  9. Remembers pairing for multiple computers

  10. Auto re-connect to last computer

  11. Highly optimized network code for smooth, lag free operation

  12. Configurable network port

  13. Network test mode

  1. Multi-touch gestures (most of the gestures that are available on a Macbook or Magic Trackpad, including Lion style gestures)

  2. Supports single finger dragging (single tap then drag) or 3 finger dragging

  3. Over 20 configurable gestures

  4. Configurable network bandwidth usage

  5. Configurable mouse sensitivity

  6. Proper text selection behavior

  7. Proper drag continue behavior

  8. Momentum scrolling

  9. Scroll inversion (Lion Style)

Supported Multi-Touch Gestures

  1. Drag finger to move mouse

  2. Single finger tap to left click

  3. Two finger tap to right click

  4. Two finger pan to scroll (With optional momentum)

  5. Single finger tap then drag for left mouse drag

  6. Two finger pinch to zoom (app or screen)

  7. Two finger swipe for prev / next page (Lion style)

  8. Four finger pinch / spread (Lion style)

  9. Over 20 configurable three, four and five finger gestures

  10. Over 20 assignable actions including Mission Control, Launchpad, Expose, Spaces, Dashboard on Mac, Flip 3D, Gadgets, and Start Menu on PC

  11. See the Gesture Guide for a full list of gestures and actions.

App / Window Switcher Features

  1. Shows thumbnails of all open windows

  2. Organizes open apps and windows by most recent use

  3. Windows track last use even when switched on the computer

  4. Scroll open applications horizontally

  5. Scroll open windows for each app vertically

  6. Supports switching between open windows not just applications on Mac - this is unique to RC Trackpad

  7. Tap a window to raise just that window.

  8. Tap an app icon to raise all windows for that app

  9. Full Mac 'Spaces' support - can get thumbnails for and switch to any window on any space / desktop

  10. Use tap and hold control menus: quit app, hide, close window, minimize, maximize / restore

  11. Optionally lock the switcher screen to use as a dedicated app manager

Application Launcher Features

  1. Apps organized by pages just like on the iPad or iPhone

  2. Applications pinned to your Mac’s Dock or PC’s Taskbar and start menu are shown in a scrollable launch bar

  3. Automatically finds programs in your Mac's Applications, Utilities and Developer folders, or your PC’s Start Menu groups

  4. Supports custom application paths

  5. Optionally lock the launcher

iPhone Version:

iPad Version:

for iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch

Media Remote Features

  1. Works with apps that support standard keyboard media keys.

  2. Play / pause

  3. Next / previous track

  4. Fast forward / rewind - (Supported by most apps on Mac, iTunes only on Windows)

  5. Mute and volume controls. - (Landscape mode only on iPhone)

Secure Extended Keyboard

  1. Fully encrypted keyboard - Unique on the App Store

  2. Scrollable row of extended keys

  3. Six sets of keys for 72 extra keys on iPad, 66 on iPhone

  4. Extended row in landscape or portrait on iPad, landscape only in iPhone

  5. The Key Groups are:

  6. Command and navigation (modifiers and cursor keys)

  7. Numeric keys

  8. Function keys

  9. Editing Keys

  10. Media Control

  11. Browser Control